CEO / Founder

Jean Federspiel Thomson

Jean Thomson has led with a heart for human development and personal empowerment throughout her 35 year career.  For Jean it's never just about the business.  It's always about both:  

The business and the human beings who are the heartbeat of the business.  

Since 1999 Jean has been dedicated to optimizing human and workplace potential through the use of a human data analytics technology called the WorkStyle Patterns® Process.  Through the  WSP™ Jean leverages Workforce Alignment as the foremost catalyst for individual and organizational success.     

By utilizing the WorkStyle Patterns® Process as a diagnostic tool, this impeccable technology enables individuals to foresee and dramatically improve their chances of workplace happiness and success.   

Jean's solutions are always predicated on ... 

  • Rapid data gathering and analysis  
  • Aligning the right individuals with the right work (i.e., creating a predictable path to job happiness and success)  
  • Strategically empowering leaders and individuals to envision the possibilities, make decisions and remove obstacles that get in the way of achieving optimal success

Jean has empowered over 600 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals to achieve remarkable success.