Discover-U ™

Career Pathing and Coaching

Discover-U™ is a guided journey of introspection and self-discovery for anyone seeking joy and success in work.  

You may be a ...

  • Teen / young adult / college graduate
  • Parent of a teen / young adult
  • Job seeker
  • Disenchanted member of the workforce
  • Transitioning Veteran
  • Mom re-entering the workplace
  • Future or current retiree

The only qualification to participate in Discover-U™ is that you have a keen desire to learn more about yourself and to discover what will bring you optimum joy and success in education and/or the workplace.  

Discover-U™ is delivered in three formats:

  1. Individual
  2. Family
  3. Peer Coaching / Support Groups (available after Individual / Family Engagements)


Individual Engagement / Career Coaching is for anyone, no matter where you are in your education, career and/or life, including teens and young adults who want to engage in Discover-U without the involvement of your parents.  

Following are the Discover-U™ modules for individual engagements:

  1. Introduction to Discover-U
  2. Your Dreams & Goals 
  3. Your Values
  4. Your Interests & Aptitudes
  5. Your  WorkStyle
  6. Your Motivators
  7. Your Personal Predictors of Career Happiness & Success (Career Compass™) 


Working together as a family, teens, young adults, and parents connect on a completely new level as each person goes through a journey of guided introspection individually and together as a family unit.  

When families go through this process of self-discovery together you will ...

  • See each other for who you deeply and truly are, and who you want to be
  • Gain the insights needed to leverage each others' strengths, honor each others' differences, and support each others' vulnerabilities
  • Communicate and relate to each other with greater respect, sensitivity and appreciation
  • Help each other achieve your dreams and goals
  • Make career and life enrichment a life-long family affair

This offering is perfect for parents who want to model your own pursuit of career fulfillment and optimization, as you inspire and support your children to do the same.  You may be in the middle of your career looking for greater alignment and joy, or an empty-nester looking for your next chapter in life.  

Family Sessions

  1. Introduction to Discover-U
  2. Your Dreams & Goals 
  3. Your Values
  4. Your Interests & Aptitudes
  5. Your  WorkStyle
  6. Your Motivators
  7. Solidify your Personal Predictors of Career Happiness & Success (Career Compass™)
  8. Share your Career Compass™ 


Discover-U™ Family or Individual Coaching is a prerequisite for participation in the Discover-U™ Peer Coaching / Support Groups.

For some, clarity and answers come quickly.

Others will benefit from and appreciate an elongated opportunity to engage in the process of introspection and self-discovery over time and with the support of peers.  

It is amazing what group members can learn from and give each other as they walk their own paths to happiness and success in education and the workplace.