Discover-U ™

Curriculum Overview

The Discover-U™ curriculum is for anyone seeking joy and fulfillment in work - for yourself or someone else.  

You may be a ...

  • Leader
  • Student
  • Parent
  • Job seeker
  • Frustrated member of the workforce
  • Transitioning Veteran
  • Retiree

The only qualification to participate in Discover-U™ is to have a keen desire to improve your life by finding joy and success in education and/or the workplace.  


  1.  Introduction to Discover-U™ 
  2. My Vision & Goals 
  3. My Definitions of Happiness and Success
  4. My Passion / Purpose
  5. My Values  (Part I)
  6. My WorkStyle & Misalignment Stress
  7. My Launch Pad
  8. My Beliefs (Part I)