Journey to Alignment ®

Launch-U Curriculum Overview

Throughout Journey to Alignment® , Launch-U's Foundations & Pillars of Happiness and Success® serve as the framework for introspection, self-discovery, decision-making, alignment planning and execution. 

There are two courses (workshop series) along with My Alignment Journey™ support groups that make up the Journey to Alignment® curriculum:

  1. Discover-U™
  2. My Alignment Plan™
  3. My Alignment Journey™ support groups

Throughout the Journey to Alignment® curriculum, there are module building-blocks that inform the creation and execution of your Personal Alignment Plan™.


You will engage in internet research, envisioning, group and peer discussions, real-life applications, decision making, planning, documentation, and accountability reporting.  

*  Discover-U™ is a prerequisite for My Alignment Plan™ 

*  The My Alignment Journey™ support groups follow Discover-U™ / My Alignment Plan™ 

Both courses are delivered virtually to small cohorts (8-10 people) and to individuals through online learning, chat and video/teleconferencing.    

Launch-U cohorts will comprise people of various race, culture, religious and socioeconomic background, age and gender.  Launch-U believes that diversity leads to the appreciation of differences, respect, and enhanced learning.  

Using the principles of business coaching, Launch-U Coaches encourage and promote introspection and self-discovery by meeting participants where they are; always focusing on the issues directly impacting each individual's current and future happiness and success.  No one Alignment Plan™ is the same as another - just as no individual is the same as another.  

Each session will last 50-60 minutes and is structured with a standard set of learning objectives.  At the end of each session, participants will have ...

  • A heightened understanding of the factors leading them to and away from their personal happiness and success as they have defined it 
  • Insights and inspiration gleaned from real-life stories and examples
  • Self-awareness and motivation to leverage their strengths and minimize their vulnerabilities
  • Increased recognition, value and respect for human dynamics and differences
  • Positive peer interactions, insights and camaraderie 
  • The care and support of others
  • A journal of notes and an evolving Personal Alignment Plan™ 
  • A sense of empowerment for taking charge of their future
  • Homework assignments and accountability to work their plan
  • Motivation and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success



  1. Introduction to Discover-U™ 
  2. My Dreams & Goals 
  3. My Definitions of Happiness and Success
  4. My Passion / Purpose
  5. My Values  (Part I)
  6. My WorkStyle & Misalignment Stress
  7. My Launch Pad
  8. My Beliefs (Part I)


My Alignment Plan™

  1. Introduction to My Alignment Plan™ 
  2. My Beliefs (Part II)
  3. My Skills / Knowledge / Aptitude / Experience
  4. My Values  (Part II)
  5. My Health & Wellness
  6. My Relationships 
  7. My Balance
  8. My Personal Alignment Plan™ 

 My Alignment Journey™ 

Launch-U members may participate in My Alignment Journey™ support groups as much or as little as they like.  

During each session participants will report progress / lack thereof and receive guidance and support from their peers and Launch-U Coach.  Between each session, participants will work their plan.   

Launch-U will be piloting three cohorts of Discover-U™ beginning January 2020  which will be comprised of 1) high-school students, 2) college students, and 3) members of the workforce. 

Discover-U™ Pilot Investment:  $400

Anticipated Discover-U™ Investment: 

$1,200 - $1,400

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