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Journey to Alignment ®

Launch-U Curriculum Overview

Journey to Alignment® is made up of: 

  1. Discover-U™ Workshop Series (9 modules / 10 weeks)
  2. My Alignment Plan™ Workshop Series (9 modules / 10 weeks)
  3. Journey to Alignment® Peer Support Groups (unlimited lifetime membership)

       *  Discover-U™ is a prerequisite for My Alignment Plan™ 

       *  Journey to Alignment® Peer Support Groups occur after the two workshop series

Throughout Journey to Alignment® Launch-U members ...

  • Experience professional guidance and peer support as they chart and follow their own personal path to educational and workplace happiness and success

  • Participate virtually in small cohorts of 8-10 people through online learning, audio & video teleconferencing, group chats and private social media communications

  • Engage in the process of introspection, self-discovery, decision-making, planning and focused execution

                      At Launch-U no longer are you alone on this journey and no drivetime is necessary!

Each module propels the evolution of a customized road-map called My Alignment Plan™, which takes away the guesswork, isolation and stress of figuring out ...

                     "Who am I, where am I headed, how am I going to get there and am I really capable?"  

On a weekly basis Launch-U members engage in envisioning exercises, introspection, research, peer discussions, giving and receiving feedback, professional interviews, real-world assignments, plan documentation, and accountability reporting.  All powered by camaraderie and shared experiences that propel Launch-U members to traction, confidence and determination as they chart and live the life of their dreams.

Using the principles of professional and peer coaching, Launch-U encourages and promotes introspection and self-discovery by meeting participants where they are; always focusing on the issues directly impacting each individual's current and future happiness and success.  No one Alignment Plan™ is the same as another - just as no individual is the same as another.  

Each module lasts 55 minutes and is structured with a standard set of learning objectives.  At the end of each session, participants will have ...

  • Insights and inspiration 
  • A heightened understanding of the factors leading them to and away from their personal happiness and success as they have defined it 
  • Self-awareness and motivation to leverage their strengths and minimize their vulnerabilities
  • Increased recognition, value and respect for human dynamics and differences
  • Peer insights, support and camaraderie
  • A journal of notes and an evolving Alignment Plan™ 
  • A sense of empowerment for taking charge of their future
  • Homework assignments and accountability to work their plan
  • Motivation and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success



  1.  Introduction to Discover-U™ 
  2. My Dreams & Goals 
  3. My Definitions of Happiness and Success
  4. My Interests / Passion / Purpose
  5. My Values 
  6.  My Aptitudes
  7. My WorkStyle Strengths & Vulnerabilities
  8. My Sweet Spot / Launching Pad™
  9. The Power of Beliefs and Character Traits 


My Alignment Plan™


  1. Introduction to My Alignment Plan™ 
  2. My Beliefs 
  3. My Character Traits
  4. Shaping My Beliefs & Character Traits
  5. My Skills, Knowledge, Education
  6. My Health & Wellness
  7. My Relationships 
  8. My Balance
  9. My Alignment Plan™ 

 Journey to Alignment™ Peer Support Groups

Journey to Alignment™ peer support groups engage for three-month segments at a time where Launch-U members work their plan and plan their work in a safe, supportive, team environment. 

The three-month commitment is grounded in research that shows successful plan execution must include a personal commitment to doing the work on a consistent and focused basis.


Launch-U will be piloting three cohorts of Discover-U™ beginning January 2020 for:

  1. High-school students
  2. College students
  3. Mom's entering the workforce 

Discover-U™ Pilot Investment:  $500

Post-Pilot Discover-U™ Investment:  $1,000

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