The Hidden Dimension®

Regardless of age, experience or education, every person has INVISIBLE and AMAZING gifts to offer the workplace that lie below the visible surface of skills, knowledge, and experience.   

We call this the  ...

The Hidden Dimension

Are You …

  • A leader striving to leverage your strengths and the assets of your workforce?

  • A student trying to select your major and future career?

  • A graduate looking for fulfilling work?

  • A parent or grandparent wanting your child to be happy and successful?

  • A current or future retiree desiring to make the most of the rest of your life?

  • In the workforce wondering if it's possible to find a job / career where you will thrive?

  • A combination of the above?  

Here is the GREAT NEWS ... 

Knowing your Sweet Spot™ makes ALL the difference in finding joy and fulfillment in work and life.   

How do YOU discover your Sweet Spot™ (or help others discover theirs)? 


At Launch-U we use a process of guided introspection and self-discovery to reveal both individual and workplace strengths and vulnerabilities.  

Through our process you will discover the alignment and misalignment that currently exists  (i.e., YOUR TRUTH).  Once your truth is revealed, we empower and support you as you create and execute a Career Alignment Plan™ that can lead to unimaginable happiness and success in the workplace.

We call this process Workplace Alignment!

Your Sweet Spot™

Your Sweet Spot™ is the intersection between your:

  • Dreams & Goals
  • Values
  • Aptitudes
  • Interests / Passion / Purpose
  • WorkStyle™ 

Once you have found your Sweet Spot™, Launch-U's Foundations & Pillars of Happiness and Success® serve as the framework to assess the things in your life that are leading you to and away from achieving your goals and living your dreams.