Are you Disenchanted with Your Job?

It's highly likely because the norm in the workplace is misalignment.

While sad but true, the great new is that it doesn't have to be this way.

WorkStyle Alignment

It is a crying shame that most adults do not know their innate WorkStyle, and therefore experience personal and professional stress because they are in jobs that are misaligned with their natural strengths.

Unfortunately, most of us make career decisions based on factors that lie above the surface of workplace happiness and success - like skills, interests, experience and aptitude.  While these are important, they do not tell the whole story.

In other words, it is highly possible you have the interest, skills, knowledge and experience to do what you do.  But what about the hidden dimension of workplace happiness and success? 

Your WorkStyle.  

Is your innate WorkStyle aligned with the requirements of high success in your job?  

If it does, you are likely happy and successful in your role.  If it does not, you are likely feeling both personal and organizational stress. 

You may find it interesting, there are 29 different WorkStyles and 29 different ways of approaching work.  

Once you tap into your natural WorkStyle you will have a life-long template that you can use to find fulfilling and joyful work in environments where you will excel.