WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory


The WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory is an EEOC compliant human data analytics technology that measures three things...

  1. How you are currently working
  2. How you prefer to work
  3. The alignment / misalignment between the two

Benefits of Discovering Your WorkStyle

Through the WorkStyle Patterns® Inventory you will discover the following: 

  • Your WorkStyle™ which research shows does not change appreciably throughout life
  • The way you are carrying out your work in school and/or the workplace
  • Where you are aligned and misaligned with your natural WorkStyle
  • The types of work you enjoy most and least 
  • The environments where you are most likely to succeed and struggle
  • The origins of stress that you may be experiencing due to WorkStyle™ misalignment
  • How to reduce stress due to misalignment
  • Ways to leverage your natural strengths 
  • Methods to minimize your natural vulnerabilities

Having this insight will enable you to make clear, informed choices about:

  • The work / assignments / jobs you take on
  • Your education / career path moving forward
  • The people with whom you surround yourself
  • Systems, processes and tools you can adopt to minimize your vulnerabilities and the stress of misalignment
  • How to work most successfully with others (especially those with different WorkStyles)
  • How to lead employees for optimal results
  • How to understand and support your children in school and as they transition into higher education and careers where they will thrive

Where there is alignment there is happiness and success. 


Where there is misalignment there can be stress, loss of productivity and lack of engagement.