About Launch-U


Launch's mission is to make the world a better place one person and one workplace at a time.  

To this end Launch-U ...

  • Inspires individuals during every stage of life to create happiness and success in school and work
  • Empowers high school and post graduate students to purposefully navigate their future 
  • Provides valuable knowledge and support to parents, coaches, mentors, psychologists and educators as they guide students to independence and success in education, work and life
  • Prepares business leaders to inspire and lead successful and engaged employees, teams and organizations
  • Guides veterans as they transition from the military into the civilian workplace
  • Prepares moms re-entering the workforce to engage with confidence and grace
  • Supports retirees as they create happiness and purpose in retirement
  • Collaborates with educational institutions, government, churches, and social / civic organizations to create a network of community support and resources

By working with both individuals and organizations, we strive to improve human lives, the environments in which we learn and work, and the communities in which we thrive.

We Believe ...

  • Every individual deserves happiness and success
  • Enjoying work is paramount to happiness and success in life
  • Every individual is responsible for creating their own happiness and success
  • Every person has innate gifts to bring to the workplace
  • When we work in alignment with our gifts, interests, values, dreams and goals, we are happy and successful
  • Introspection is the gateway to happiness and success
  • Finding fulfillment in work is about the Journey AND the Goal

 Happiness and Success Manifest From Within

To Experience Happiness and Success 


Must Be The Person To Define And Seek It