Are You in Workplace Alignment ?

Achieving Workplace Alignment® is a 2-step process that happens over time.

Discovering your Sweet Spot™ which is the intersection between your:


  • Interests / Passion
  • WorkStyle™ 
  • Values
  • Career and Life Goals  

Identifying and addressing those aspects of your life that are leading you to and away from your goals and dreams

Six Dimensions of Career Alignment

Knowledge / Skills / Experience


Once clear about your Sweet Spot™, the next question to be answered is, "What knowledge, skills, aptitude and experience do I need in order to actualize my career aspirations?"  

This is the first step in developing your Personal Alignment Plan™.



Most of us don't realize the extent to which our deep-seeded beliefs drive our thoughts, goals, decisions, actions and outcomes.   If we do realize the power of our beliefs, we often forget to evaluate our current circumstances and goals from the lens of our beliefs.  

At the end of this module, you will have identified your core beliefs to be leveraged, and the beliefs you hold that need to be shaped in order to accomplish your goals.



Have you ever set out to accomplish something and realized mid-stream that your values don't align with what you thought you wanted?

For example, consider parents and students investing in educational pursuits who discover that the chosen course of study is no longer where they want to go.

By simply slowing down and applying the  Discover-U® Filter, informed and sound decisions can be made by all.  

Health & Wellness


Most of us know that in order to realize our dreams, we need optimum focus and energy for our daily endeavors.  

By examining and addressing the health and wellness factors leading us to and away from what we want, we significantly increase the likelihood of rapidly and joyfully accomplishing our goals and enjoying the journey along the way!



Some people naturally think about getting work done through others, and others' don't.  

Regardless, we all need others to guide and support our efforts along the way.  And, sometimes there other others who impede our progress or dampen our spirits. 

Taking the time to identify the support and guidance we need (and don't need) can make a huge difference in our ability to succeed.  



The last alignment dimension we examine is balance.  When have been intentional in creating a thoughtful and thorough  Personal Alignment Plan™, there is one remaining factor that could potentially sabotage our joy and success.  

BALANCE - or lack thereof!

Often it's a simple step to identify and address areas where we may lack balance to ensure our journey is also the goal.