Youth Community Service Mission™


The Youth Community Service Mission™ is a project-based internship program where high school and college students prepare for career alignment and success by gaining real-world work experience and soft-skills training while raising funds and visibility for exemplary and deserving local non-profit organizations.


Community Support

WorkStyle™ Alignment

WorkStyle™ Alignment


With mentoring and financial scholarships provided by sponsor organizations, students from all walks of life come together to form small cohorts that carry out fundraising projects to benefit local non-profit organizations serving those at risk and in need. 


The non-profit may be a homeless shelter, a food pantry, a foster-care home or a substance abuse recovery program, for example. 

Sponsor organizations may be associations, religious organizations, civic groups, businesses, schools, PTAs, community groups and social clubs.

The goal of the YCSM™ is to increase the likelihood of success for:

· Youth from all walks of life

· Non-profit Organizations


· The Community

When students give back to their communities in such a powerful and united way, it is our hope that they will choose to return home after college to raise their families and become servant leaders.

WorkStyle™ Alignment

WorkStyle™ Alignment

WorkStyle™ Alignment


During  YCSM™ internships each student applies for, is awarded and carries out a job that is in alignment with his/her natural WorkStyle.

Research shows that a person's WorkStyle never changes throughout our lifetime. Therefore, YCSM™ interns experience the extraordinary power and potential of their natural WorkStyle while working on a team where all members are aligned with the requirements for high job success.


Just imagine working as a team where everyone is utilizing their strengths and supporting each other’s vulnerabilities. This unique opportunity enables students to ...

· Experience teamwork at its best

· Tap into their innate strengths 

· Create a direct line-of-sight into the

   jobs and careers where they will


· Make informed and confident

  education and career decisions

· Take responsibility for charting and     

  executing their own personal paths to

  happiness and success 

Soft Skills Training

WorkStyle™ Alignment

Social Media Mentoring


Throughout the fundraising project interns learn, apply and master the critical soft skills that are reported by employers to be the greatest need in today’s workplace. 

· Soft Skills (i.e. critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, emotional awareness, self-control, resourcefulness, and communication)

· Emotional Intelligence (i.e., self-awareness, managing emotions, self-motivation, empathy and social skills)

· Values (i.e., honesty, resilience, forgiveness, integrity, teamwork and pride)

· Work Ethics (i.e., respect, stick-to-it-ness, adaptability, attention to detail, acceptance, punctuality, flexibility, quality of work, and focus on the big picture)

It's one thing to be taught these skills in a classroom environment.  

It's a completely different experience to apply them in the work environment and to receive just-in-time coaching, encouragement and inspiration to reach a level of true skill mastery!  

Social Media Mentoring

Social Media Mentoring

Social Media Mentoring


YCSM™ cohorts and sponsor organization members will join a closed Facebook Group where the interns share regular updates of the project, including what is going great and the challenges they are encountering.


Sponsor members will serve as social media mentors to the interns to help brainstorm solutions, provide encouragement, remove obstacles, share wisdom, and celebrate milestones and success. 

What a great opportunity for an organization's members to contribute their expertise and wisdom (just-in-time) without having to make a large project based or leadership commitment that they may not be able to fulfill in the long-term.  

Rather, individual members can serve the sponsor organization's community endeavors by supporting future-focused youth who are demonstrating servent leadership at such a young and impressionable age.

After all ...


Film Documentary

Social Media Mentoring

Benefits to Students


During the fund-raising project interns will capture video footage and photographs of their experience giving back to the community.


At the end of the project the interns will create a documentary illuminating:

· The great work of the non-profit

· The needs of those at-risk within the


· The sponsor organization's

  commitment to the community

· The impact the students had on the

  non-profit and is clients

· The joy of working in alignment with

  their WorkStyle and as a team

· The value of emotional intelligence,

  soft-skills and work-ethics on the job

· The career clarity they gained as a

  result of this experience

· What servant leadership really means 

The premier of the documentary will be shown to the community.  Proceeds raised from the fund-raising project, as well as from the documentary ticket sales, will go to the non-profit organization and to fund future Youth Community Service Mission™ scholarships. 

Benefits to Students

Social Media Mentoring

Benefits to Students


Students will: 

· Discover their innate workplace gifts 

· Experience the pinnacle of happiness

  and success - giving back

· Gain clarity about their education and

  career path

· Work side-by-side with fellow

  students from all walks of life in a

  team environment where they will

  discover and learn from each other

· Apply their newly learned soft skills, values

  and work ethics in an experiential 

  learning/work environment where

  Launch-U Coaches provide immediate


· Adopt a servant heart for community

  engagement and leadership, thereby

  becoming powerful community

  advocates and leaders

· Develop new and meaningful


· Choose to live and work after 

  graduation in the community they 

  have impacted

· Realize that work is joyful when we

  work in alignment with our natural